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About Body Beautiiful
Body Beautiiful, formally Spirit of Xxcellence, is independently owned and operated in Savannah, Ga. Since opening in late 2005, starting with only the traditional black soap, the company has greatly extended its inventory and treats every customer like they are a part of the family. Other companies may offer similar services, but the services at Body Beautiiful come with a personal touch and products that are unbeatable. 
The Body Beautiiful Collection
The Collection features products that beautifies the skin and keeps it healthy naturally.  My name is Latonia Hendry and being highly allergic to many products myself, my goal was to find products that I can use that will not aggravate my allergies or cause breakouts.  I started using the traditional black soap in early 2005 because I heard it would clear up the many black spots that were on my face and reduce breakouts.....and it did.  I decided to turn the product I used into a business and what started out with just the soaps has now expanded to the vast inventory that is now in the Collection. I am constantly adding products  and scents to increase my inventory and by customers demand. The signature scent, 'Body Beautiiful' has been a #1 seller since it hit the market in early 2011.
Committed to Customer Service
Giving my customers the best overall experience is my goal.  I strive to keep up with the changing market by keeping up with what my customers want and meeting their needs.  You can get oils and soaps anywhere, but great customer service is hard to come by and I have been satisfying my customers consistently for 17 years!

       "Your Body deserves only the best!"

Latonia Hendry, Owner
Aloe Vera
"I take pride in my products and my customers and strive to give the best possible service at the best possible prices without taking away from the quality!"
I use natural products, aloe taken from the plants that I grow, unrefined shea butter...products that are naturally good for your skin without the harshness that chemicals have.  Your Body Is Beautiiful and deserves only the best for your skin.
"Committed to helping my customers save money with quality products at rock bottom prices!"
Customer Feedback

"Every time I think I have tried everything, she comes up with something new.  I have terrible skin, well; I had terrible skin.  Her products has kept my skin breakout free and I can let my true beauty shine without fearing bumps or dryness that causes me to scratch and irritate my skin. 5 years in and I am still looking and feeling great without going broke!"

-Audrey Adina, Savannah, Ga.