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Hi, my name is Shakeyta aka KeyKey.   I am an entrepreneur, stylist, motivational speaker, student pursuing my Masters degree, travel agent and with all the things I am doing, I still have time to do my 'It Works' 

business.  I absolutely love this business and it allows me the freedom to be all that I can be and not put too much on myself.  If you want to sign under me, discover a healthier lifestyle, or both, just click the link under my picture and we can go on this journey together.
Hello, my name is April. I am a Prophetess, entrepreneur, True-Life Analyst, and my schedule is always

full, but I am able to work my business and not get overwhelmed with all the other projects and adventures that I do.  I love the products and the opportunity to help others with these amazing products.  I am hitting the ground running and my #1 goal is to help you; if you want a business or to use the products, I am here to help.  Just click on my name and we can get started Today!