Body Beautiiful

                Shea Butter, Lotions, Oils, and More.
Shea Butter is pure and unrefined.  16oz. tub for $15.00.
        **#1 Seller

Customer Feedback

"I have been dealing with this company before it had a name and she had a booth at the flea market selling the 'black soap' and candles.  I have witnessed the growth that her business has done and feel honored that I can still say that she is one of the best in what she does and takes time out to find out specifically what I need and I have gotten the same service over all these years.  I have tried everything and I am still a happy customer.  I have all the men oils and colognes on my dresser and she makes the lotions to match my oils.  I wish her continued success with her business."
-Charles Brown, Savannah, Ga. 
small 1 oz. blended oil.     $7.00 

Large 3 oz. Blended oil.      $13.00
Medium 2 oz. blended oil $10.00
Xxcellence Lotions are made with the scent of any oil and are shea butter based. $7.00 
These lotions are not all natural. Oatmeal/Vitamin E, CocoaButter/Vitamin E, and Shea Butter/Aloe  $5.00
Xxcellence Shower Gel is made with black soap and can be fragranced with  any BB oil.       $7.00
     **#1 Seller
Body Beautiiful Facial Body Butter is made with all natural ingredients and fresh aloe. for $13.00. 
             ***#1 Seller 
x-tra small 1/2 oz. blended oil.    $5.00
Please add $5 to your order if it is under $10 and you want it delivered 

Names of Xxcellence Blended Oils

     Female                                  Male
​Body Beautiiful                        Honor
   Ambiance                             Royalty
      Glory                                   Trust
     Loyalty                                 J.E.H
      Faith                                 Manly Man 
     Queen                            Mr. BooThang  
      Hope                                Brothaz 
 Unbelievable               Boaz- scent changes  
    Destiny                                  with each batch.           
 Ms. BooThang  
Ruth-scent changes with each batch.
*Oils can be added to BB Shower Gel and BB lotions.