Body Beautiiful

                Shea Butter, Lotions, Oils, and More.
Brown Baby and Zesty Facial And Body Scrub and Finisher.         Brown Baby: this scrub is formulated for those that have dry skin. Brown Sugar based.    Zesty: this scrub is formulated for those that have oily skin. Lemon based. Both can also be used by those who have normal or combination skin.      Facial Finisher: balances the skin after using the scrub. Removes any excess particles that may be left behind after rinsing and leaves your skin moist and refreshed. Body Beautiiful Facial Scrubs can be used daily with the finisher or 3 times weekly without.   $21.50

Customer Feedback

"I have been dealing with this company before it had a name and she had a booth at the flea market selling the 'black soap' and candles.  I have witnessed the growth that her business has done and feel honored that I can still say that she is one of the best in what she does and takes time out to find out specifically what I need and I have gotten the same service over all these years.  I have tried everything and I am still a happy customer.  I have all the men oils and colognes on my dresser and she makes the lotions to match my oils.  I wish her continued success with her business."
-Charles Brown, Savannah, Ga. 
small 1 oz. blended oil.     $7.00 

Large 2 oz. Blended oil.  Specialty    $13.00
Medium 2 oz. blended oil $10.00
Body Beautiiful Lovin Your Feet Scrub and Spray.  This combo is a hit and moves fast. Jammed packet with vitamin E, Aloe, Coconut Oil, and other natural products to gently and thoroughly scrub your feet at home. The Spray adds a smoothness and freshness to your feet after the Scrub. Rosewater, aloe, and other natural ingredients.    $21.50
Pure, Unrefined Shea Butter....Pure, Unrefined, Uncut. Still a household favorite. Multi-purpose. Excellent on skin and hair. Great for eczema and other skin conditions.  
Body Beautiiful Male or Female Body Wash. Yes, it's back. This Thick Body Wash will have your skin silky smooth and feeling naturally clean. REFRESH will have you feeling just that! Lightly Scented.
Body Beautiiful Men or Women Scented Body Lotions. This lotion has a PH balance to moisturize your skin and protect from sun damaged skin. All Natural as to not cause breakouts or irritate skin. Luxurious, thick, and make with your skin in mind. Lightly Scented!   

x-tra small 1/2 oz. blended oil.    $5.00
Please add $5 to your order if it is under $10 and you want it delivered 

Names of Xxcellence Blended Oils

     FEMALE                              MALE
 Body Beautiful                       Honor    
   Ambiance                          Royalty/out
   Elevation                                Trust
     Sisters                                   J3
    Queen                               Manly Mann
  Queen/out                         Mr. BooThang  
      Ruth                                  Brothaz 
 Unbelievable                           Boaz 
    Destiny                                 David                                         Blessed  
 Ms. BooThang  

*Ruth and Boaz-scents changes with each batch.
***Oils can be added to BB Shower Gel and BB lotions.      
All Natural Whipped Body Butters. Besides Body Beautiiful Original Body Butter, there are now the additions of 2 complimentary Buttas; UBANTU & HYGGE. UBANTU is a deeper brownish, nuttier, coarser Butta while HYGGE is a colored Butta. All are whipped almost to the peak of stiffness to glide onto your skin and add longer protection. *PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH BUTTER YOU ARE ORDERING!